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ICLEI’s online GHG emissions inventory tool, HEAT+ helps local governments account for GHG emissions, Common Air Pollutants (CAP) and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
The accounting and database capabilities of HEAT+ have helped several local governments make informed decisions in formulating targeted action plans by leveraging measures that offer the highest and most cost-effective impact in emissions and pollutant abatement. On one single platform, HEAT+ enables cities to Several cities in South Asia, South East Asia and South Africa have used HEAT+ to formulate their climate change action plans thereby saving money, improving air quality, mitigating global warming and protecting public health.The initial version of HEAT was used to create inventories for 53 cities in the Indian sub-continent.
Cities using HEAT+ over the last year

Cities using HEAT+ over the last year
HEAT+ capabilities are currently being extended through an enhanced user friendly interface with greater interactive capability, updated reporting ability and speed. This new update to the software will be effective from June 2013
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First HEAT+ training conducted in South Africa
HEAT+ training in India